When should babies start talking?

When should babies start talking

When should babies start talking?

This question worries most of the parents, because speech is an important indicator of the well-being and timely development of the baby. The formation of speech begins in early childhood – almost from birth. The first means by which the baby announces his requirements becomes crying. As he grows up, he masters other ways of communication, delighting his parents with the first meaningful sounds and words.

How to help your babies start talking?

Constantly talk with the babies

Tell your baby what you are doing now, what you see around. Your monologue will take shape according to the principle “what I see, and I am talking about that.” The kid should hear a live speech around him, because, starting to speak words, he imitates adults. Do not try to replace live communication with the hum of the TV or audio recordings – there will be no proper effect.

Develop fine motor skills

Improving the movements of fingers and hands indirectly contributes to the development of a brain area that is responsible for speech activity. In order for the baby to start to speak early, it is necessary to massage his palms, play finger games, draw with finger paints, touch the croup, string beads on a cord.

Read the child rhymes that need to be finished “in rhyme”, encourage him to call the objects he sees in the pictures and around him, perform articulation exercises aimed at learning the pronunciation of certain sounds.

Causes of speech delay in children

  1. – by the age of one and a half to two years, the child does not remember the names of objects – he cannot bring them and does not fulfill the requests at all and does not respond to his name;
  2. – in two years, the child utters only individual words and cannot make even a simple two-word sentence, and also does not can repeat the words;
  3. – in two – two and a half years old, the child does not know the part of the body, does not distinguish colors;
  4. – in three years, the child does not speak in sentences of three or four words, does not understand the meaning of simple stories.

Strange guttural sounds instead of words, slurred speech, in which nothing can be disassembled, hyperactive behavior, as well as some strange features of a child, should also alert parents: if he does not know how to chew food, keeps his mouth open, does not look into his eyes. Such features may also indicate a delay in speech and mental development.

If you notice that the child’s speech does not meet age standards, show the child to a neurologist, a psychologist and a pathologist. He may need training with a speech therapist or other therapy. Do not wait for the child to speak himself, hoping for stories he heard somewhere about “he was silent for five years, and then spoke abruptly with sentences.” Ask the experts a question: why doesn’t the child start talking? The sooner you notice a delay in speech development and begin classes with specialists, the better the child will achieve and by the time he is at school his speech will not differ from that of his peers.

The five main tips for developing baby speech

Speech cannot be inherited by genes and when a child begins to speaking the first words depends only on the people who surround him (especially from the parents). Therefore, try to make it at home,and on the walk heard a clear, meaningful speech.

When you walk with a baby, say everything you see, show him important objects (school, library, shop, kindergarten). Explain to the child what an institution means and why it is needed;

Often go for a walk in the park, square or on the pond while showing and telling your kid how beautiful it is around. Let him listen to the birds singing, how beautifully the flowers and trees are planted;

Never dismiss the questions asked by the baby, but on the contrary answer them in detail and clearly. Introducing him with the name of objects unknown to him, speak at once the correct name of them and explain what they are for. Offer to carefully consider, characterize it, highlight properties. This way you will learn the baby to observe, find differences;

Introduce children to music, read books, fairy tales, learn poems, sing songs. They form good qualities such as honesty, kindness, caring for other people, they also introduce them to the national culture.

Ask the kid, let him tell his grandfather or grandmother favorite poem, a fairy tale. So begins to develop monologue.

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