When do babies start walking

When do babies start walking

In the first year of life, the child develops intensively and gradually masters various skills. For example, by the month the baby holds the head and smiles. By six to seven months, he must learn to sit on his own. Many parents look forward to the moment when the beloved child takes the first steps.

Especially mothers and fathers, they listen to the stories of relatives and acquaintances that their child first went when he was only seven or eight months old. And then the parents begin to worry, thinking about the possibility that their little tot lags behind in development. “When does a child start walking on their own?” – this is the question that worries them.

When should the babies start walking?

Usually, babies make the first independent steps by the year. However, each child develops differently. Mastering the skill of walking depends on factors such as temperament. Children with a calm disposition do not hurry to walk, since it is enough for them to move around the house crawling on all fours.

Some babies are comfortable sitting. Active tots seek to quickly learn about the world, and therefore delight their parents with early steps. Often there is a situation when a child first learns to walk (at the age of 9-10 months), and then only crawl.

The development of children’s muscles also influences the time of mastering walking. A child to whom the mother regularly performs massage and gymnastics usually begins to walk earlier. By the way, slender guys begin to move faster than their plump peers.

In addition, the gender of the crumbs is taken into account. Parents of daughters are interested in what time girls start walking. In general, in their development small representatives of the fair sex are slightly ahead of the boys.

Many babies are already 9-10 months can move “on foot”.As for what time boys start walking, this happens more often 2-3 months later than girls. Of course, all this is average value. Therefore, you should not worry if your daughter started to walk after her son.

In general, pediatricians consider mastering walking in the age range from 9 to 15 months as the norm.

The first steps after a year do not give grounds to assert that the child started walking late. Do not raise the alarm, hurrying to the pediatrician or orthopedist, if by 12 months your toddler is still content to crawl. Another thing, if the child started walking early, like, 8 months. The fact that the baby’s bones are not yet strong enough, so the additional load can lead to their curvature and disorders.By the way, most often mothers who prematurely put the baby on their feet stimulate to the early walking of babies.

How to help your baby start walking?

It is important not to overdo it in your intention to quickly teach your baby a walk, since all efforts can have the opposite effect. In such a case, unobtrusiveness is important so that the baby is not scared. If he wants to walk with you by the hand, help him with this. when the child should start walking But as soon as the child shows discontent, do not push on him.

Set the room support (eg, chairs), with which the child will move. Gradually increase the distance between them to the little overcame fear. It is better to refuse to use walkers, because they contribute to the delay of walking.

The longer a child crawls before he starts walking, the better he will strengthen the muscular corset and the better his spine will form at this stage. Therefore, stimulate crawling – this will be the best preparation for walking your baby.

The age at which the baby begins to walk depends strongly on:

  • genetics, so, ask around your parents and parents of the father of the child, when you yourself have taken the first steps;
  • temperament of the child: the phlegmatic crumb is in no hurry, and the little choleric eagerly yearns for independence.


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