Why does a child bite nails and how to stop child (bite nails)

Why does a child bite nails and how to stop child

Your child bites his nails and you do not know what to do with it. How can you help a your child and how to do it? You must understand that the child bites his nails from habit which was formed in a certain period of time. How is the bad habit of biting nails formed? But how to fix this habit? So to help our children. All this we consider below.

Why does a child bite nails and how to stop child (bite nails)

The child bites nails when nervous or just thinking or watching TV… That could be a problem.

Such a bad habit often manifests itself in childhood, but sometimes it is found in adult life, especially during stress, seasonal depression, Psychotrauma or retrovmatization.

In any case: the desire to bite nails subconscious, the child may not notice it or not realize enough, it is a protective reaction that speaks of some deep problems of the child and therefore this bad habit requires the intervention of an adult… But it must be reasonable, careful and very soft.

Why do kids bite nails?

According to psychologists, such a subconscious desire bites nails arises in children over 3 years of age, often aggravated in adolescence and sometimes remains in adult life.

She is associated with psychological traumas experienced in childhood, increased nervousness and anxiety of a child, developmental disorders, persistent or one-time, but very strong stresses in his life. Thus, the bad habit of the child is a signal of SOS from his body. And it needs to be deciphered, make the right conclusions and provide diverse assistance.

How is the bad habit of biting nails formed?

At some point in life, the child, in order to calm down in a stressful or traumatic situation instead of sucking fingers (sucking reflex – more familiar, he – the memory of the Paradise period of life in him mother’s breast) begins to bite them.

It is also important in this case and the subconscious desire of the baby to self-punishment, which makes you hurt yourself, gnaw your body.

And now, if the kid managed to calm down a little or distracted, nail biting is habitually and begins to manifest itself during any fear and anxiety.

Why does a child seek self-punishment? Many reasons. But as a rule, children begin to hurt themselves after catching up from adults, in situations where they are nervous or feel guilty. By the way, children generally tend to take responsibility for the actions or problems of adults (divorce of parents – a classic example), so it is easy to find a reason to punish themselves in different ways: someone is sick, someone is constantly injured, someone gains weight… and someone bites his nails to the blood.

How to stop child biting nails

The course of treatment is conventionally divided into two stages – finding out and eliminating the cause, the process of disaccustom the child to bite his nails.

To find out the reasons for the most important thing to catch the moments when the child begins to pull the handle to the mouth.

This may be when watching a scary movie or comedy, while attending school classes, or when the kid will have to perform at a matinee in kindergarten. There are many situations and they are individual for each child.

In the most difficult situations, do not neglect the advice of a child psychologist.

Sometimes it works and motivation. For example, you can put a child condition: the refusal of the habit – a monetary reward or the implementation of any cherished dream. The more desirable the object, the greater the percentage of probability of success.

For girls, you can use a universal method – manicure with her mother. A few days before the scheduled date mom should strongly focus on their nails. After the procedure, the child will retain only one desire-to preserve the beauty of their nails, parents, we in turn, should clearly explain to the baby that a bad habit spoils nails. In addition, this procedure raises the mood of the child.

Only if nothing helps, you should resort to more serious methods. In pharmacies and specialized children’s stores sell special varnishes or creams that are applied to the nails. The taste of such products is bitter. Thus, the child develops a reflex. But he needs to explain that the bitter taste-not because of the varnish/ointment, namely because of a bad habit.

The habit of gnawing nails can be a sign of a very serious disease, for example, neurosis of obsessions or actions. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist, and if the diagnosis is confirmed, in most cases, the child is prescribed complex treatment with drugs and behavioral therapy.

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