How are the causes of childish aggression ??

Aggression in children

There are many reasons for child aggression.

Some say that such children are mentally ill. Indeed, this option is possible. If the child has any deviations in the functioning of the nervous system, then it is possible that he will be aggressive. Some accuse parents of causing child aggression, they say, they have not been noticed. But here parents can be innocent.

How are the causes of childish aggression ??

You need to look at each case separately. For example, psychological protection can be the cause of child aggression. And not necessarily the child can be protected from external influence on it. Child aggression can occur in response to internal psychological problems. The child may be angry with himself. to throw out this malice. Remember that the anger on yourself also destroys the person and the world in which he is.

The same auto agression is used by the child to convince himself that he has inner strength. He does not know that aggressive people are often weak and unsure of themselves. Strong leaders may feel aggressive, but they hold back.

Can aggression in children be a way of psychological protection?

So, a weak child needs to defend himself. Therefore, he can spread aggression on all fronts. The cause of child aggression, as a mechanism of protection, may be in childhood. All adults know the saying that the best way to defend themselves is to attack. Children, of course, because of their small living base, do not know this saying. But you can use it already.

Aggression as a way of psychological protection is chosen, as a rule, extrovert. They are able to direct their energy into the world. The type that least shows aggression as a defense is phlegmatic. This is the most lazy temperament, the most inert. Phlegmatic saves life energy. They have nothing to prove. Moreover, phlegmatic is a strong type.

And since the speed of the nervous processes in the phlegmatic is one of the smallest, then while they have time to react to the situation that has happened, it will be irrelevant. But if they prove it, then in terms of aggression, they are as stable as in the lair. They can collect for a very long time and then explode.

If you are unable to cope with childhood aggression yourself, it makes sense to apply for qualified psychological help.

Remember that the formation of character is the care of parents. Be a positive example for your child, do not arrange family scandals and disassembly, create a supportive setting and show more love for the child. For many children, this is enough to get rid of aggressive behavior

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