Why children cry: expert opinion

Although the causes of tears baby sometimes known only to himself, experts say that there are three main motives of behavior.

And yet why children cry. Causes crying are usually caused by the fact that the baby seeks attention, wants to do something or get the desired object or does not want to give in to the requirements of parents.

An attempt to attract attention can arise in a situation where a child, having fun playing with his parents, suddenly sees that parents are distracted from the game , as a result, she begins to act up to return their attention.

Experts recommend that parents ignore this behavior.

Parents it is important not to respond to her whims.

The desire of the child can be very different: from the desire of a new toy before driving a car.

As with the child’s attempts to draw attention to themselves, parents should not be subjected to the requirements of the baby and enter into long-term disputes with him.

Carried away by the dispute, you teach your child how to attract your attention. If you ignore these emotional outbursts, the child will stop them.

On the other hand, tantrums, arranged for the purpose of non-compliance, for example, to go to bed or remove toys, requires an immediate response.

This type of child crying is aimed at delaying the moment of execution of what the child was told to do, even if the child is not aware of it.

Children may not like to cry, but at least that’s how they delay the moment when they have to do something they don’t want to do. Although children and not great strategists, but their children’s crying is designed for this.

Parents must find a way to get the baby to obey, which may require some prior planning.

As a result, to cope with crying and hysterics, the necessary consistency and regularity.

If you can not win, do not argue. If you fight and lose, then teach your baby that baby crying is effective.

Remember: if the tantrums or baby crying baby proved effective once out of ten, they will continue.

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