Should boys and girls be raised the same way?

Should boys and girls be raised the same way

1.Let’s see at how to raise boys and girls.
2.Recommendations for the education of girls.
3.Recommendations for the education of boys.

In the rise of children, there are many nuances, because what personal qualities we will be able to develop in them, taking into account their individual and gender characteristics, directly depends on what women and men they will become in the future.

Let’s see at how to raise boys and girls.

Often parents forget that girls and boys differently see, hear, differently perceive space and are guided in it, and the main thing-differently comprehend everything that faces in this world. And, of course, not like we are adults. Observing modern children, it can be noted that girls become aggressive and rude, and boys adopt a female type of behavior. In older groups, many girls are deprived of modesty, tenderness, patience, do not know how to peacefully resolve conflict situations.

Boys, on the contrary, do not know how to stand up for themselves, are weak physically, deprived of endurance and emotional stability, they have no culture of behavior towards girls. The content of children’s games is also alarming: children demonstrate behaviors that do not correspond to the sex of the child, do not know how to negotiate in the game, to distribute roles. In addition, in the course of employment, children find it difficult to assign responsibilities on their own, taking into account the gender of the partner.

The boys are reluctant to help the girls when you need physical strength, while girls do not hurry to help the boys where the desired care and neatness. To correct the situation of “mixing” the sexes, parents need to adjust the process of rising of girls and boys. It is impossible to bring up children on the principle “as brought up me”.

Recommendations for the education of girls

First, it is very important that between the daughter and mother (and also the father) there were warm, confidential relations. In turn, parents need to emphasize the gentle and caring relationship in a couple, so that the girl had an impression of a happy family life.

The father should find time to communicate with his daughter: to show that the daughter is different from him, she is of a different gender, but he should do it with respect and benevolence so that she understands that she is worthy of the love of a man.

  1. To respect the personality of the daughter, showing satisfaction with her actions, to form positive self-esteem of the girl.
  2. Mom and daughter should have their own “women’s secrets”: mom should find time to talk with her daughter”heart to heart”. The conversation needs to be regular.
  3. Real care for each other is demonstrated through respect for the older generation.
  4. Mom should involve her daughter in” women’s ” household chores, giving her the secrets of her skill.
  5. The girl needs to feel that she can trust her parents, that they are always ready to understand her feelings, desires, and needs.
  6. Girls need more help and encouragement. Offering help to the girl, you let her know that you care about her.
  7. Girls need more attention and recognition in response to what they are, what they feel and what they want.
  8. Girls need to be loved for what they are. Admire them!

Recommendations for the education of boys

  1. Dad talking to his son, should control their emotions, try to speak, without raising his tone.
  2. For a boy it should be natural to show your emotions (don’t scold him for his tears).
  3. Mothers need to trust more education of the son to the father: he feels how it is necessary to bring up the man.
  4. To form a sense of responsibility for boys.
  5. Be sure to encourage the desire to do men’s work in the house!
  6. Mother – care and father – creates man.
  7. The task of parents is to show more trust and approval towards the boy in order to motivate him to act.

So, the boy and the girl, in any case, can not be brought up equally. They speak in different ways and are silent, feel and experience. Try to understand and accept our boys and girls as they are, so different and beautiful in their own way, what their nature has created. But whether it will be possible to save, to reveal, to develop these inclinations, not to damage, not to break – depends only on us with you.


1. “Boys and girls are two different worlds. »

Boys and girls behave differently in the classroom, have different attitudes toward learning, different ways, communicate with each other. That’s good. “Boys and girls – different vital function: the host and hostess in the future; the girls – women’s development line, the boy-men” .

2. Both boys and girls feel comfortable at school.

Everyone is available to find a business to their liking, to have their favorite subject and even unloved, to show their individual qualities and learn to see them in other guys.

3. “Girls and boys cannot be raised the same way.”

But the education of girls and boys must be shared. We complement each other, make communication more interesting and diverse, learn respect for each other, doing common things. Otherwise, life would be boring and one-sided.

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