Raising daughter (7 rules) what it is necessary to remember

Raising daughter (7 rules)

It is believed that raising a daughter is easier than raising a son. True is this or not, and what should be guided, raising a daughter. We offer our readers:

Raising daughter 7 rules

1.Femininity is an essential feature of any woman.
Whatever happens in the fate of the girl-she should always be a woman, not a brutal man in a skirt. That is, femininity is the main thing that first of all it is necessary to inculcate daughters. It means tenderness, gentleness, sensitivity.

2.Parents are an example of family relationships.
The truth is that the careful and attentive attitude of the Pope towards his wife is a clear lesson for his daughter. On a subconscious level, the girl draws from her dad the image of her future chosen one. Appropriate attitude to her husband should show and mother, otherwise, the daughter may have a distorted idea of the relationship between husband and wife.

3.Rigor should not be much.
It is not uncommon for parents, guided, as it seems, by the best intentions, keep their daughter “in tight reins”, trying to instill chastity, respect for parents and elders, diligence and obedience. However, it is not uncommon for a girl to get rid of parental control, rushes to the winds, making up, as she believes, lost. Often, in this case, is to blame its entourage outside the house. It would be good to find a middle ground in addressing this issue, at least try to do it.

4.Education of confidence in their attractiveness.
Your children are always beautiful, especially your daughters. It is necessary to make sure that the girl is confident in her beauty since childhood. If that’s what mom and dad say, then that’s what it is.

Growing up, of course, she will begin to see certain imperfections of her appearance, but this will not be critical for her, because she is loved in the family, and no one focused on these small imperfections of nature.

It is important that the mother during this period was close, and could explain how to turn the shortcomings into advantages, how to learn something skillfully mask and hide. Daughter is important to instill a taste for the ability to dress, to the accuracy and cleanliness.

5.Pay serious attention to your daughter’s health.
All girls are expectant mothers, and health control from an early age will play an important role in their later adult life. Teach the girl hygiene and proper nutrition. Recommend her to engage in recreational sports or dancing. Do not forget to visit doctors regularly.

6.Intellectual development.
Probably in the future will have to master any profession, try to see where it trends, and discuss this in more detail with your daughter in a personal conversation.

Teach to read books, although in the age of computers is not so easy, go together to the theater, visit the Conservatory and classical music concerts (at least sometimes). All this will have a positive impact on the intellectual development of the girl.

6.Bring up in the child such feelings as compassion and mercy.
Unfortunately, in recent years there have been frequent incidents of violence by girls. It’s a Wake-up call, and we all have a lot to think about. It would be good in the family girl would take part in the courtship of a younger brother or sister, helped his grandfather and grandmother. It is important to focus on cases of care for the elderly or the sick.

So you teach a girl the kindness that everyone in this world needs. And when your daughter becomes a mother, she will also raise her daughter or son.

Remember, that the most the main example around the are you themselves.

Naturally, the education of girls is not limited to these seven rules, and each family in its own way builds the education of his daughter, but maybe these recommendations will help you in this important matter.

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