Scoliosis in Children: Causes, Symptoms,Treatment at home

Scoliosis in Children

1.What is scoliosis?
2.Causes of scoliosis in children
3.Scoliosis classification
4.Symptoms and degrees of scoliosis

5.Types of scoliosis

6.Therapeutic exercise and gymnastics in scoliosis
7.Massotherapy in scoliosis
8.Spinal fixators and correctors for scoliosis
9.Treatment of scoliosis at home

Have you noticed that your child has a curvature of the spine? What to do if your child has scoliosis? Symptoms scoliosis and causes. Let’s look below.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis-one of the common diseases of children and adolescents, in most cases associated with rapid growth child. Scoliosis in children is a common pathological process characterized by a curvature of the spine to the side and changes in the shape of the vertebrae. This problem affects not only the appearance of the child, spoiling posture, but scoliosis also entails a number of serious diseases of the back and internal organs. It is important to timely identify and begin treatment of the disease, as the spine can be corrected only in childhood.

Causes of scoliosis in children

Scoliosis can be congenital or acquired. Congenital occurs due to anatomical deviations from the norm of bone structures or vertebrae, asymmetric arrangements of the pelvis and legs. It is impossible to prevent this pathology because it is formed in the womb, but after the birth of crumbs, it is necessary to do everything to stop the pathological process of development.

A newborn can have a completely healthy back and acquire scoliosis in the first year of life. This happens very rarely as a result of any birth trauma.

Acquired scoliosis is formed in perfectly healthy children and adolescents due to a number of reasons. The curvature of the spine in children can begin its development in consequence:

  1. Incorrect posture;
  2. Weak muscle corset;
  3. Disproportionate development of the bone and muscular system;
  4. Inadequate and unbalanced physical exertion;
  5. Carrying heavy backpacks and bags on one shoulder;
  6. An inactive lifestyle and a minimum of movement;
  7. Sitting at the table and school desk in the wrong position;
  8. Poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies;

Scoliosis classification:

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. The spine and chest in a deformed state. The spine is bent in one direction more than the other. It can also cause the rotation of the vertebrae, which entails the transition of the hips and shoulders in a curved position.
Lordosis-a convex curvature forward.
Kyphosis is the formation of a hump.

S-shaped. It is a double curvature in both directions in two parts of the spine. It looks like the letter S and is characterized by rapid development when in 1 year you can get pathology.

C-shaped-the most common form when y patient is diagnosed with one arc on the back. It is easy to recognize. When a person bends, in the deformed area of the back, the vertebrae form a letter C.

Z-shaped is the most neglected, severe form of scoliosis. In this case on the back are visible 3 arcs.

Symptoms and degrees of scoliosis

The first degree of scoliosis is manifested in the following symptoms:


the child slouches a little;
barely noticeable asymmetrical position of the shoulders;
the x-ray angle of curvature is less than 10 degrees.

The second stage of scoliosis

the deformed position of the torso;
shoulder blades are arranged asymmetrically;
on the x-ray spine is curved at an angle of about 11-25 degrees;
sometimes there are disturbances in breathing and lung function;
in a progressive state begins to form a hump. In addition to exercise therapy, you definitely need an orthopedic corset and a therapeutic mattress.

The third stage – there is a hump formation:

torso and pelvis are twisted, baby slouching;
thoracic strain;
the patient suffers from shortness of breath and back pain;
the work of the cardiovascular system is disrupted.

4 stage heaviest. Severe deformation of the vertebral and thoracic sections:

constant back pain;
the spine is curved more than 50 degrees;
internal organs function with violations.

Types of scoliosis

It occurs because of the long stay back in the wrong position, for example, when the student sits at the Desk for a long time. Spinal muscles are loaded unevenly, and a person gets used to walking with a curved back.

Especially often y school-age children are diagnosed with right-sided scoliosis, so they write with their right hand, and the body shifts to the right accordingly. Shoulder blades and shoulders begin to develop asymmetrically.

Youthful scoliosis from 10 to 20 years

At this age, the pathology is noticeable immediately. The teenager has one shoulder higher than the other, he slouches. Also, he often has a headache, the organs of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract can also work with disorders.

Congenital scoliosis

Arises from abnormalities of fetal development, which can occur if the expectant mama smokes, carries an infectious disease or is not getting enough nutrition during pregnancy.


It’s a convex curvature forward. When lordosis the belly is pushed forward, a buttocks Vice versa are ago. The neck is forward, the shoulders are not straightened and also look forward, and the legs are slightly apart and bent at the knees. Lordosis causes disorders of the heart and a feeling of fatigue.


The formation of the hump when the upper part of the vertebral column is bent. In another way, it is called “round back syndrome”. To a small extent – this stoop, and in severe manifestation – hump.

Therapeutic exercise and gymnastics in scoliosis

Treatment-and-prophylactic complex, forming a correct posture, get rid of scoliosis and osteochondrosis:

Swallow. Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and when inhaling raise up straight arms and legs, on the exhale take the starting position;
Scissors. Lie back, spread your hands along the body, legs tear off from the floor (10-15 cm) and begin to swing your legs, crossing and spreading your legs;
Bike. Lie down on the floor, fix your hands in the lock behind your head and perform leg movement, simulating Cycling.

Massotherapy in scoliosis

Massage with a curvature of the spine is an effective means to get rid of pain and in the early stages with regular sessions contributes to the recovery of the patient. This method of treatment is aimed at influencing the muscles around the spinal column.

Massage is divided into three stages:

Warming up the muscles to increase blood circulation.
The very process of massage: to knead the muscles.
The process of relaxation: pressing, kneading, stroking.

Spinal fixators and correctors for scoliosis


At stage 2 and 3 of the severity of scoliosis in adolescents, treatment involves wearing a special corset, which can be prescribed only by the attending physician. Corset helps to stop the progression of deformation, it also removes the load from the back, aligns the spine and with timely treatment allows you to completely correct the pathology.

Good fight with curvature of the spine posture correctors, various lumbar corsets or vests. They help the patient to keep the spine straight and contribute to its correction. They are also an excellent prevention of this disease.

They are of the following types:

Spinal fixators-remove part of the load from the spine.
Proofreaders correct the unhealthy bending of the back.

They have different degrees of rigidity:

Lungs – for prophylaxis, sewn from an elastic material.
Medium-contribute to the elimination of pain in back, relieve the load on the upper back.
High rigidity-curative. They have plastic or metal ribs. Provide a tight fixation.

To a separate type of correctors belong orthopedic mattresses, which, thanks to a certain level of rigidity, support the spine in the correct position.

Treatment of scoliosis at home.

At home, the curvature of the spine can be treated by doing the appropriate gymnastics and not only.

These doctors recommendations will help you keep your child’s spine healthy:

If you cannot convince the crumb to do special exercises, try to interest him, for example, to turn physical therapy into a fun game.

If you have a girl, you can choose for her complex with dance elements, which has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the back and shoulders, for example, ballet or belly dance. Belly dance contributes to the proper development of the back muscles and the press and strengthens them.

For boys, too, there are many interesting opportunities to get rid of the curvature and have a good time. For example, yoga or sports, some martial arts. Yoga is perfect for both boys and girls.

Prevention of spinal deformity

Even if y child has no problems with posture, do not forget about prevention. Make sure he sits straight at the table. The distance from the body to the edge of the table should be one palm. As excellent prevention of suitable orthopedic furniture for children.

Support and praise your child for every result achieved. Scoliosis is partly a psychological disease. Let him not walk with his head down, but keep it proudly raised up.


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