How to help a shy children

Come on, don’t be shy. Say “Hello!”says the mother to her son, who is hiding behind her feet. Such a scene can be seen often: the mother persuades a shy child to be sociable, while he closes even more.

Shyness this is not a disadvantage, it is a personality trait. Shy children tend to be quiet and reserved because they like to listen and observe others. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone who likes to talk didn’t have attentive listeners.

Many people equate shyness with low self-esteem.

However, most shy people have a healthy self-esteem, imagination, they are responsive and thoughtful.
Shy children with healthy self-esteem are able to make eye contact, polite and usually happy. However, you can develop social skills in your shy child using the methods below.

1.Do not push the child to communicate. A shy child should be able to adapt to a society of strangers at their own pace. The more you push, the more he will retreat to his comfort zone.

2.Prepare the child. Most shy children have difficulties in social situations, so in order to help them, try to prepare them for the future of communication.
For example, if you lead a son for the birthday of a child of your acquaintances who he doesn’t know yet, you could arrange a meeting with the family of the birthday man the day before the upcoming celebration to make it easier for your son to adapt.If the child knows what to expect in the future social situation and future participants are familiar with him most likely he will be able to successfully cope with his shyness.

3.Send your child to a good kindergarten / school. Try to immerse the child in an environment in which he will be able to communicate much more with children individually. To do this, it is desirable that the group / class had as few children as possible. Establish close contact with educators / teachers to solve problems.

4.Sympathize and share your experience. All of us were ever ashamed of something. Tell your child how you have overcome shyness in a particular situation, and how this has helped you become more confident in communication. Tell your child that being shy is normal, but at the same time it is very important to overcome your shyness.

5.Help your child acquire communication skills. Sometimes, the child not simply enough the skills to begin to communicate or support communication. You can prompt him with what words and in what manner it is better to join the conversation. And even better, become an example for the child.Remember that children imitate their parents in almost everything. However, it also happens that the excessive sociability of the father or mother accidentally suppresses the child’s willingness to communicate. Therefore, pay attention to your behavior and adjust it depending on the situation.

6.Do not insist that the child spoke to strangers. We are all proud of our children. Your child can perfectly play the piano, dance.And perhaps you will try to use these skills to increase the child’s self-confidence in himself by inviting him to speak to an audience.

Unfortunately, shy kids can easily be embarrassed and just run away to another room, leaving you alone with people who are unlucky enough to become fans of their talents.This is normal for shy children, to respect their need for comfort, be sure to ask them for consent to public speaking.Let them know about your request in advance, so that they have time to prepare and adapt to this scenario.

Shyness is a problem if it becomes an obstacle to your child’s development or making him unhappy.Some of the children behind the mask of shyness hide other gaps such as, for example, deep-rooted hostility and others. Such children are not able to establish eye contact and have behavioral problems.In these cases, you may have to delve into the unresolved issues that concern your child.

However, if your child’s shyness is just a trait of his or her personality,accept it.He is unlikely to become an extremely sociable person, but with your help he will be able to successfully develop, learn to overcome the problems of communication, and him life will be filled with joy and happiness.

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