Children who talk in dreams

Why do children talk in their sleep

The child talking in your sleep. Is such a feature the norm in childhood and why does the child talk in a dream?

The child talking in your sleep it’s all in the normal range.

To begin with, you should immediately reassure all moms and dads, whose children periodically talk in their sleep. Neither doctors nor psychologists see anything terrible in such a phenomenon. On the contrary, the latter consider the discourse as a method of relieving stress.

In other words – because of the emotions experienced during the day (both negative and positive). The baby can wake up the parents sleeping peacefully in midnight babble. You do not need to be frightened and immediately record your baby for an appointment with a neurologist, and try first to understand the causes baby talk in sleep.

Fight with talk in dream does not make sense. If we try to influence the expression of these negative emotions, we thereby contribute to fixing and delaying them inside. Which may adversely affect the mental and physical health of the child.

You should not constantly protect the child from negative emotions in life. Talking in a dream can cause the presence of just vivid impressions, strong emotions. In addition, children perceive real life events much more acutely than adults, and their nervous system is less stable. This is why babies talk in their sleep more often than adults.

One of the causes for children’s talk in a dream

The causes of children’s talk in a dream these are emotions experienced throughout the day. The kid quarreled with a peer or was punished by a teacher (even if deserved), overexcited, changed his usual situation, or watched a sad cartoon – all these factors may contribute to the fact that a crumb will speak in a dream. The fact is that the nervous system in childhood is sensitive to all environmental factors.

What to do if the child is talking in a dream

First of all, parents need to once again review the mode of the day of their baby. Consider whether the child spends enough time outdoors, do you always have time to air the room before going to bed? The healthy sleep of the baby also depends on these seemingly elementary things.

In addition, the individual characteristics of each child can also affect restful sleep. If a child is often overexcited before bedtime, watches cartoons for a long time, or goes to bed at a later time – this can also be the cause of talking in dream.

The kid speaks in a dream but he has a small vocabulary

It turns out that not only older children, but also babies can talk in a dream. Some mothers and fathers are alarmed when they hear a clearly pronounced word from the mouth of their half-year-old toddler, and in a dream.

This amazing phenomenon is explained by the fact that the baby, as it were, involuntarily fixes in the unconscious state (in a dream) all the new words and events that happened in his life during the past day. Yes, yes, this is how a baby enlarges its vocabulary! The word, uttered in a dream, he, most likely, will repeat during wakefulness.

When you need to sound the alarm (the child talking in a dream)

If the child speaks in a dream, it can be one of the symptoms of the pathology of the nervous system, if other symptoms are present. Observe the nature of night conversations. The presence of the following signs indicates that the baby needs the help of a specialist.

  • talking in a dream, the child blushes, covered with sweat;
  • wakes up in a wet bed;
  • after waking up for a long time can not recover, demonstrates confusion of consciousness.

Prepare for a conversation with a neurologist, collect as much information as possible. Your answers to the following questions will help the doctor accurately diagnose. So:

  • how often does your child talk in his sleep?
  • pronounces a few words, phrases or gives long stories?
  • is his speech legible?

Do not immediately be upset and blame yourself for not being able to “look after” the baby. Remember that at each stage of growing up a child may have different health problems, both physical and psychological.

Do not focus on talking in a dream, if they happen rarely and do not affect the emotional state of the baby. Otherwise-do not close your eyes to the problem, and as soon as possible make an appointment for a consultation with the right specialist. Good luck!

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